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Just watched the movie. WOW!! It was awesome. I sure went through a lot of Kleenex though!!

Renee Bruder Brubaker

Just finished watching my DVD for the first time that I got 2 weeks ago and I’m in tears…..I never met Joe Pa, but I have loved Penn State football for as long as I can remember…#‎409Forever‬ #‎JoePa‬‪ #‎WeAre‬

Donna Marie

My husband and I received our copy today and just finished watching it. Thank you, we enjoyed it very much! Tears flowing and remembering why we continue to help in the fight to restore all Joe worked for and all his true achievements on and off the field!

Allison Halwick

Amazing tribute. Get out your hanky! Joe makes me proud to be a 3rd generation Penn Stater.

Jen Tressler Hendrickson

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From the Producers of “365 Days: A Year in Happy Valley”

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