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If you’re in Indianapolis, The People’s Joe will screen on the eve before we bring the 409 to the NCAA

December 3, 7pm.  Landmark Keystone Art Cinema - 8702 Keystone Crossing, Suite 201A, Indianapolis, IN 46240

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PEOPLESJOE.COM was proud to host the Honor Joe – Restore The Wins Rally. More than 12,000 people signed the “409” and the PEOPLE SHALL BE HEARD.  The PEOPLE have requested that the original “409” be protected and preserved.  PEOPLESJOE.COM  is currently having a giant replica reproduced and when complete it shall be delivered to Dr. Mark Emmert  at the NCAA national office (Indianapolis, IN).

The NCAA public relations department has been notified that delivery of the “409” shall take place on December 4, 2014. The “409” and a copy of the critically acclaimed movie, The People’s Joe – A True Story shall be delivered to Dr. Emmert by representatives of PEOPLESJOE.COM and PSU Alumni.





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